Yingkou Liaohe Aluminium Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou liaohe aluminum prodcts co,.Ltd  from 1984, pioneer of China's first civil aluminum factory, collection of manufacturing,research and development, engineering design, after-sales service set up by the specialized Sino-foreign joint venture companies. Company is located in China's second largest port city of Yingkou in Northeast China. Its strategic location,covering an area of 40,000 square meters, the traffic is very convenient, the Beijing-Shenyang, Shenyang-Dalian express way from the territory through. Yingkou port, Dalian port, bayuquan three ports to provide domestic and foreign sea transport,Yingkou 1 hour to reach Shenyang high-speed, smooth flow of domestic and international routes, guarantees the material and transport links.
Enterprise components:
Extrusion plant: there are six extrusion equipment, all imported, by advanced computer-controlled constant speed squeezing production line, with an annual production of 10000 tons;
Oxide workshop: coloring, use of single nickel salt is currently the world's most advanced coloring system; electrophoretic production line adopts Japan technologies, equipment, raw materials are Japan Haney paint. Electrophoresis products withan annual output of up to 5000 tons.
Painting workshop: spraying production line, from the United States Nordson and Switzerland Golden Horse, annual outputof sprayed product up to 7000 tons.
Processing workshop: processing workshop is the main direction of our company's development. Processing workshopcovers an area of 3000 square meters, all kinds of processing equipment. The workshop saw 6, large, medium and smallpunch 30, milling machines, drilling machines, 15 Taiwan 10, bending machine 1, reaming machines 1, shrinkage machine 1,wire drawing machine 1, polishing machine 1, tools production line 3, large CNC machining center 1, able to meet therequirements of various profiles processing.
Aluminum Institute: the company has always been committed to research and development of aluminum, with nearly 50 Research Institute consisting of professionals with senior technical titles. With a strong product development capabilities and product diversification and targeting of design capabilities, can fully meet the individual requirements of modernization, the Institute has won 25 national patent.
Products are now exported to foreign countries such as Australia, and Japan and the Netherlands, and France and the United Kingdom, and Poland, and Ireland, and Denmark, and Canada and the United States, and Germany, and Russia, and Korea, and South Africa. Domestic in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin and other major cities and key projects are undertaken in Yingkou area of liaohe products and aluminum series design.
To meet both at home and abroad customer requirements, 2014 early and Northeast famous of aluminum industry group-Shenyang Liao Shen aluminum industry group formed of both mutual voted, the accounted for other 49% shares of produced, and PIN, and Institute integration of economic Consortium, after 2014 years a years of operation, both are sense cooperation is enterprise development of way, after complementary enhanced has market competition of strength, expanded has enterprise production scale, has has world scale enterprise of qualification, following simple introduced about Liao Shen aluminum industry group profile:
Liao-Shen neimenghuolinhe billet aluminum company, with an annual output of 1 million tons of high quality aluminum bar
Liao-Shen Rieger Sun room door and window systems Ltd, with an annual output of 500,000 square meters
Liao-Shen aluminum products, Aluminum Corporation of shenyanglige, main equipment 17 extruder production, oxidation electrophoresis production line 2
Liao-Shen Institute of aluminum and aluminum products
Liao-Shen aluminium testing center
Group covers an area of 350,000 square meters, construction area of 180,000 square meters
Yingkou liaohe aluminum prodcts co,.Ltd adhering to, and beyond the mediocrity, the pursuit of perfection, create a brand, dedicated boutiquebusiness philosophy, to provide customer service.
Liaohe people we have with our efforts and proficiency testing, yesterday, also would like to use our strength to fight to face today, more willing to work with passion and creativity to meet tomorrow!