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Liaohe aluminum latest company trends

Release date:2015-08-29 Page View:126

Liaohe aluminum was founded in 2000, has been through 15 years of spring and autumn, the market of new profiles and products of the quality, shape, strength have more stringent requirements.

The disordered market competition of many domestic enterprises; A shortage of skilled workers; The annual growth rate of employees' salary of 20%, etc., forces enterprises to find new ideas for survival and development.

The company decided to: with the transformation of equipment, technological innovation, staff reading activities three measures, to achieve the production equipment automation, semi-automation; Completely change the working environment of employees; Reduce the labor intensity of employees.

Through reading activities, let employees know how the best enterprises in the world are managed. Employees should improve their own quality and change their work concepts. They should think about why employees in these enterprises earn so much.

From 2013, our annual cost for equipment renewal and transformation is between RMB 4 million and RMB 4.5 million. Since 2000, the company has obtained 5 national patents every year, and the annual income of employees has increased by 15-20% on average. By February, 2105, the heating equipment of the company has been replaced by clean energy -- natural gas.

At the beginning of 2015, the chairman of the company announced to all employees: in the current economic downturn, to make two commitments: first, no reduction of staff; Second, the salary of the employees is still increasing by 15-20%.

The road ahead is rugged and dangerous. The people of liaohe river are not afraid of obstacles and will walk out of their own way with the characteristics of liaohe river.