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Common knowledge of non-standard design - industrial aluminum profile related knowledge

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Industrial aluminium profile surface after oxidation, appearance is very beautiful, assembled into products, using special aluminum parts, do not need to be welded, the environmental protection, and installation, disassembly, easy to carry and move, it is widely used in automatic mechanical equipment, sealing cover skeleton, assembly line conveyor belt, lifting machine, glue machine, testing equipment and so on. Very fast in recent years, China's aluminum industry development, industrial aluminum production has exceeded the United States as the world, products not only complete variety, and quality improved steadily, the quality level is in the international advanced level, the book mainly to domestic production of industrial aluminum and its accessories as an example to introduce how to use industrial aluminum scaffolding frame and accessories.

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Domestic production of aluminum types are mainly 20 series, 30 series, 35 series, 40 series, 50 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series and 100 series, each series have different models, different models, aluminum cross-section is not the same. The following 40 series as an example to introduce industrial aluminum profiles and accessories in detail.

(1) 40 series aluminum profile model name format

40 series aluminum profile specific model name format: XX-8-40XX □, the specific meaning of each part is:

Xx: Generally, it is defined by the manufacturer itself and is usually the abbreviation of the manufacturer's name.

8: This type of aluminum profile adopts M8 bolt and T nut, and is also the slot width code of aluminum profile.

40: represents that the model is 40 series aluminum profile, also represents that the width of aluminum profile is 40mm, and represents the radius of the arc in the circular arc section aluminum profile.

Xx: The number represents the height of the aluminum profile.

□ : There are capital English letters, representing the section shape of the aluminum profile.

(2) Main models of 40 series aluminum profiles

40 series aluminum profiles of the main models are 8-4040A, 8-4040B, 8-4040C, 8-4040D, 8-4040GE, 8-4040GF, 8-4040GG, 8-4040R, 8-4080, 8-4080G and 8-4080GA.

The main parts

Industrial aluminum accessories are rich in variety, which can basically meet the needs of designers. The main accessories are bolts, nuts, corner pieces, connectors, end connecting plates, interval connecting blocks, elastic fasteners, movable hinges, hoof horns and casters.

(1) Bolts

There are mainly special bolt, special semicircle head bolt, special round head bolt, flat machine bolt and T bolt. Industrial aluminum profile frame generally adopts internal link mode, the use of special semicircular head bolt or special bolt, before installation in the profile connection tapping thread and play process installation hole; Special round head bolt is often used for high strength connection of two sections of profiles, the connection needs to be drilled and tapped in a predetermined position; Flat machine bolt with T nut, often used for hinge, handle and other decorative parts and profile connection; T-bolts are directly placed into the profile slot, which can be automatically positioned and locked during installation. They are often used in conjunction with flange nuts, and are important connectors of profile accessories such as Angle parts. T-bolts of different specifications and lengths can be selected according to different profiles, slot width and installation requirements.

(2) nuts

The main products are flange nuts, square nuts, T nuts and elastic nuts. Flange nut and T bolt matching, used in the installation of corner parts and other profile accessories; T-nut can fix other connecting parts in the groove of the profile simply and safely, and it can automatically locate and lock in the assembly process; Square nut installation should be pre-plugged into the slot of the profile, used to connect various accessories on the profile; The elastic nut can be directly inserted into any assembly point in the profile groove pit. The spring steel ball on its back can fix its position, making installation very simple and reliable. It is one of the most used parts in profile connection.

(3) Corner parts

Angle parts are commonly used for connecting aluminum profiles. They are generally used for vertical or cross connection of aluminum profiles. There are mainly three types of common Angle parts, strong Angle parts and steering Angle parts. The common Angle parts are used to strengthen the support force of the connected profile points, and can also be used as the connection mode of the profile to move the position; Strong Angle parts are often used for support and fixation of profiles and profiles by strong or vibration; Steering Angle parts are used for cross section connection.

The main fittings are built-in fittings, Angle groove fittings, groove strip fittings, triangle fittings and bevel fittings. The built-in connector is mainly used for cross connection or vertical connection of the profile, and the installation process hole should be played in the specified size position of the profile when assembling, so as to bury the accessories in the meantime, and put the elastic nut into the groove of another profile, and then lock the bolt;

Angle slot connector has E type and L type two, used for the right Angle connection of two profiles, the installation of the two ends are respectively inserted into the slot pit of the profile, and then locked with a set screw, installation must be based on the slot width of the profile and connection mode selection of different Angle fittings fittings;

Slot connecting piece is used for linear lengthening connection between two profiles. When installed, it is inserted into the groove pit of the joint of two profiles, and then locked with a set screw;

Triangle connection is a special connection for semicircular profiles. It can connect two or three profiles together, and the supporting cover plate is very simple and beautiful.

The bevel connector is used for the non-90 ° bevel connection of two profiles and is hidden inside the profile when installed.

(4) end connecting plate and interval connecting block

The end face connecting plate is mainly used for connecting rectangular and large size multi-empty square profiles with hoof Angle and casters. Interval connecting block in use when the end of the connecting block is directly inserted into the groove of the profile, rotating 90° after that is tightly fixed on the profile, and then you can install plexiglass and other panels on the connecting block, and then bolt locking, easy installation, convenient disassembly.

(5) elastic fastener and movable hinge

Elastic fastener has anti-loose seismic function, two sections of profile right Angle connection, the elastic fastener is inserted into a section of profile groove pit, and then use special bolts to connect the two sections of profile, profile connection point to advance drilling and tapping thread, the connection method is firm, can effectively prevent the connection loose. The movable hinge is used for the movable connection between two sections, with a rotation range of 180° and a variety of connections.

(6) Hoof Angle and caster

Shoe Angle is a common accessory for all kinds of industrial aluminum frame and equipment. It has the function of supporting and shockproof. Its screw can be used to adjust the height. Precision casters can be installed on the frames of machines and carts made of aluminum profiles, which are mute, dustproof and folding brakes (omnidirectional). Designers can choose to meet the design requirements of hoof Angle and caster according to the need.

(7) Other accessories

Other accessories of industrial aluminum profiles include hinge, end cover, movable hook, flat sealing groove, U groove, handle and hanging eye, etc. Hinge is used for moving connections between profiles or profiles and plates. The end cover plate is installed on the end face of the profile, which is beautiful and safe. Movable hook can be inserted into the profile groove slide back and forth, hook a variety of tools, wire and other objects. Flat sealing groove can cover the groove pit on the surface of the profile, play a decorative role, but also keep the surface of the profile clean. After the U-shaped slot is put into the pit slot of the profile, the plexiglass and other plates can be inserted to cushion, protect and seal. The handle is mounted on the profile for easy opening and carrying. The lifting eye is installed on the end face of the profile for lifting.