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How is the door mounted on the aluminum frame?

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Many aluminum frame will be installed on the door, easy to repair and inspection work. So how is the door mounted on the aluminum frame? What accessories will be used during installation?

Generally in the installation of door frame is to use hinge this accessory to do auxiliary, can connect profiles and profiles, also can connect profiles and plates.

If the door frame is customized with aluminum profiles, the hinge can be fixed directly on the two profiles.

If the door frame is used in sheet metal parts to do it, you need to punch holes in sheet metal parts, and the part of the sheet metal connection with flange nuts and semicircle head bolts, will play a role in connecting fastening, and a section of the profile connection, using slider nuts and semicircle head bolts.

But no matter what material you use, be sure to check the size you need. There must be no deviation in the size of drilling and screw nut, otherwise there will be safety hazards.